The Graz Experience of TACC students has ended. The mission, promoted and organized by the project partner AVL List GmbH, meant that one of the 7 teams, Ride High, presented the business idea developed during the TACC project, on the stage of the Fifteen Seconds Festival.

The two-day program in Graz, June 6 and 7, was full of experiences for the 35 TACC students. The managers and startups of Creator Expedition, an AVL project that focuses on accelerating technological startups, supported the group of UniMoRe students during the organized visits. The group was led by Prof. Tiziano Bursi, Scientific Director of the TACC project with Prof. Luigi Rovati.

During the two days, the students visited the AVL headquarters where they met the company’s managers, the Spaceland, a co-working space for Austrian startups, and the Science Park, a business accelerator.

The experience ended with the participation of the 7 teams in the Fifteen Seconds Festival and the pitch of the Ride High team in the Startup section. Ride High connects motorcyclists through integrated and secure infotainment systems that facilitate access to information on their smartphone.

Fifteen Seconds is an international festival of business, innovation, and creativity that has been held every year since 2014 in the city of Graz. Fifteen Seconds attracts people from all over the world who are curious to share their knowledge, guide positive changes and shape the future. About 6,000 people attended the festival this year.

The Ride High team is composed of Daniela Florencia Fardello, Marco Di Mola, Antonino Giammalva and Tommaso D’Angelo. The four students are enrolled in the master’s degree courses of the Department of Economics Marco Biagi, of the Department of Engineering Enzo Ferrari and the five-year degree course of Law.