Collaborate with researchers at CERN to discover novel solutions for the future of humankind

Challenge Based Innovation (CBI) is a project course, where multidisciplinary student teams and their instructors collaborate with researchers at CERN to discover solutions for the future of humankind. The projects are an elaborate mixture, where the technologies derived from research at CERN meet societal, human-driven needs.

Our students come from a mix of disciplines. We believe that the wildest combinations will produce the most delightful outcomes. So far we’ve worked with students from industrial design, electrical and mechanical engineering, a variety of economists and business students, architecture and robotics.

Latest challenges faced by Unimore teams:

CBI 2018/19:

  • Milkwaste Team (Unimore + Unibo): for Legacoop Bologna and some of its cooperatives to reduce waste in the milk production, supply and distribution process.
  • Team Sanofi Genzyme (Unimore + Unife) to identify an innovative method that can increase the awareness of asthma patients on risk factors and facilitate the management of therapy for fragile people by supporting family and caregivers in the provision and control.

CBI 2019/20:

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