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The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia initiates an innovative Entrepreneurship training programme specific to the automotive industry, TACC – Training for Automotive Companies Creation. The project, at its first edition, lies within the International Academy for Advanced Technologies in High-Performance Vehicles and Engines of UNIMORE. TACC is an integral part of AUTOMOTIVE INNOVATION HUB, the centre born in 2017 to experience the trends driving the transformation of the car world: electric car, connectivity, self-driving car and new forms of mobility.
“A revolution is going on in the automotive sector – perhaps the biggest in car history – that is changing the way of designing, producing and selling cars. But there is more: the digital revolution is also affecting the way customers interact with the vehicle and the very concept of mobility.” In 2030, in the world’s major metropolitan areas, 30% of the new cars sold could be electric, 15% self-driving and 10% used in share”(cf. McKinsey & Company Italy, December 2016).
TACC fits in this fast-changing environment, characterized by a strong technological component. A two-year training course, unique in the Italian academic world, for those who want to understand, study but above all, to engage in entrepreneurship and innovation in the automotive field.

The promoters of the project are UNIMORE e AVL, the biggest private global society for research and growth – as well as simulation and testing – of propulsion systems, from internal combustion engines to electric ones.
Some important companies in the automotive sector are industrial partners and co-promoters of the program; the project also makes use of the collaboration of institutional partners that ensure an institutional, organizational and promotional contribution.

TACC – Training for Automotive Companies Creation call for application will be open by February 2019, 11th – 4 pm .
The extension has been ordered because of the numerous requests for information close to the deadline, in order that all students who have not completed the application will be able to submit it.