SUGAR-EXPO 2019: a UNIMORE student team has created an innovative solution to reduce food waste.

The SUGAR experience of the Unimore student team ended with the final EXPO which was held at Broadway Studios in S.Francisco (USA) on 9 and 10 of June.
The team presented the solution to meet the challenge launched by FoodCloud, an Irish NGO that deals with reducing food waste.
The collaboration with the team of Trinity College in Dublin has created a hardware and software system for measuring food waste generated in company canteens. A system that makes client companies and the restaurant service aware of the amount of waste generated in the canteen and is able to act on the consumption habits of employees.
The UNIMORE team is multidisciplinary, composed of four students who come from different master’s degree courses: Francesca Castello, of Marketing and Communication (DCE); Nur Eral of International Management (DEMB); Lorenzo Mazzoni, of Computer Engineering (DIEF); Luca Iaccheri, of Management Engineering (DISMI).
For Nur Eral “A unique, international, varied and creative experience: you are continually tested, it is hard, but it’s worth it: Feeling part of a family of innovators, an international network is priceless. Take risks and don’t be afraid to try!“.

The EXPO was the final stage of the SUGAR program, which focuses on learning and applying Human-Centered Design methods, and which is part of the UNIMORE Contamination Lab.

For Bernardo Balboni, scientific director of the UNIMORE Contamination Lab programs, “SUGAR has given our students the opportunity to face a challenge of social impact, a real challenge in a real-world, working side by side with a team from Trinity College of Dublin. For the EXPO they worked in a global context, opening up and comparing themselves with the students, teachers, and companies participating in the SUGAR network“.

The new call for international mobility grants that allow you to participate in the SUGAR 2019/2020 program and the CBI-ER 2019/2020 program will be released at the beginning of July. For any information write to info.clab@unimore.it.