The KLAP team of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia has won the Italian final of Brandstorm – innovation competition for students of L’Oréal, winning the “National Winner & Italian Ambassador” award.

The three students will participate in the global final. The team is made up of Alessandra Alessandrello (Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies), Adriano Cordisco (Materials Engineering) and Beatrice Venturoni (International Management).
The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia team was the only team not directly followed by L’Oréal to access the national finals.

“Brandstorm” is the largest business case in the world and it is a competition organized by L’Oréal: in 28 years it has involved over 150 thousand participants from more than 60 countries. The 2020 edition, for the first time entirely digital, saw the participation of hundreds of subscribers on the platform from multiple universities in Italy.

The answer to L’Oréal’s challenge “Build a plastic-less future in the beauty industry” is a new and fun way to interact with the L’Oréal world. A simple clap of hands frees the power of the product which is presented in a particular single-dose fruit of the synergy between new technologies and nature’s products. KLAP – Catch the future in your hands. KLAP is where the world of beauty opens up to new circular economy possibilities, taking from nature and giving back to nature, while completely innovating the user experience. This revolution emphasizes L’Oréal’s strengths, also proposing new collaborations that further consolidate its leadership position in the beauty sector.

For Adriano Cordisco and Beatrice Venturoni, these kinds of competitions are not new, having participated in projects such as TACC – Training for Automotive Companies Creation and ICARO Unimore, the University’s entrepreneurship and open innovation training courses.

Their UniMoRe mentor, Daniel Alberto Sebastia, former international finalist of L’Oréal Brandstorm 2018, mentor in the 2019 edition and student of International Management with training curriculum in UniMoRe projects such as ICARO, TACC and CBI-ER, supported the team throughout the development path.