The second edition of the TACC – Training for Automotive Companies Creation project arrives for the students of the Modena-Reggio Emilia University: a unique initiative in the national academic world that represents a path of excellence for Unimore students and doctoral students, interested in developing talent and creativity to realize an entrepreneurial idea. The project proposes a course in English with academic teachers, entrepreneur managers, working groups, company meetings, and laboratories for the development of their start-up idea.

The initiative, in its second edition, is part of the International Academy for Advanced Technologies in High-Performance Vehicles and Engines of Unimore and is an integral part of the AUTOMOTIVE INNOVATION HUB, the center born in 2017 in Modena to experience the trends that drive the profound transformation of the automotive world: electric car, connectivity, autonomous driving and new forms of mobility.

TACC is a project dedicated to those who want to understand, study, but above all test themselves with entrepreneurship and innovation in the automotive sector. The aim of the project is to support multidisciplinary and heterogeneous teams of students (43 students overall) in the development of their business idea, aided by a Faculty of teachers, mentors, experts, and professionals to respond to market needs with their own start-up.

The TACC project is divided into two phases: TACC1, from March to June 2019 is aimed at learning transversal skills, the development of the entrepreneurial attitude, and the soft-skills essential for those who want to start a business in the automotive sector. TACC2, which will take place from October 2019 to January 2020, is aimed at the development, prototyping, and validation of business ideas, in a path with a strong practical-applicative character.

The application for the TACC project can be submitted until 12.00 on February 1, 2019 by accessing the ESSE3 reserved area from the following link: https://www.esse3.unimore.it/Home.do
For the selection of the participants in the TACC project, a committee will be set up, in which entrepreneurs, HR managers, teachers, experts, company representatives will participate. The selection will take place through 1) CV evaluation, 2) Analysis of the result of the Analysis test of the business potential, and of the Video interview.

For all information on the call, consult the website: http://www.automotiveacademy.unimore.it/tacc