TACC | CDI Lab Bootcamp

On Friday 21 April 2023 the Collège des Ingénieurs hosted TACC project teams in Turin at Fondazione Agnelli.

The Collège des Ingénieurs is a multinational institution founded and based in Paris, München, Torino and Sankt Gallen. Their education philosophy is based on Learning through Action. Ever since its foundation, the Collège des Ingénieurs has had the mission to make carefully selected young graduate engineers and scientists understand the core economic, entrepreneurial and international issues, but also the challenges and potentials of future business. Embedded in a European innovation ecosystem, the Collège fulfills this mission by mentoring and challenging its students’ minds with the different perspectives of senior academics and practitioners with leadership backgrounds, and by providing them with a very special – and intense – experience of working on a dedicated company mission in leading corporations in Europe.

The CDI Lab organized, specifically for TACC project, an intensive and productive one-day boot camp focused on honing their B2B sales and pitching skills.

The first part included topics of B2B sales and corporate sales offering development covered by Raghu Movva, Alessandro MagnyGianluca Gariani and Francesco Cavallo; while Andrea Balestra guided the students through the fundamentals of developing the skills and creating the perfect pitch.

The concluding part of the workshop was focused on the pitches of the 5 TACC teams (BeyonTouch, Brake Cure, CarIn, Muv, 2Hope) who had the opportunity to receive feedback and insights from mentors, investors and startuppers such as  Marco MantovaniDomenico PirrottaPaolo PinoFrancesco Trovato. 

Entrepreneurship and innovation is a long, challeging but rewarding journey.